Diary (Part 2)

by Cats Never Die

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released February 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Cats Never Die Tolyatti, Russia

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Track Name: Diary
My family is starving
but i'm brave
I open my window
but don’t see anything
I open my diary
and write my story
But when I die
they won’t read it

While everyone is sleeping
I am building
Invisible to others
But the world for me
My diary - my fortress
that protects me
From all other
and from me

I can’t forget it
Track Name: Ghost Story
Don't bother me, my love
Cuz it hurts me too, enough
Don't bother my lost soul
So hard to be far and near

Don't try to find me
You should know about it
When night comes to town
I'm always with you, won't let you fall down

I will not let you fall down
I will not let you fall down
Please don't fall with me
I am dying here
Track Name: For Me You're Forever Young
Did you forget about good life?
When you and me,
We were so young

And you’re trying to be like you in the past
Don't worry about that
For me you’re forever young

I couldn’t sleep tonight
And when you wake up
I will sleep well

All night i admired you and i say
You’re beautiful
Track Name: Share With Me Your Pain
We don't speak
About my old dreams
About future things

We're just sitting
We're almost sleeping
And I just lay on your soft knees

I try to appease
But cluster pain squeezes
Just please
Share with me your pain
Track Name: Werewolves
Oh everybody knows
When i will explode
When i feeling
Something wrong

Oh someone has changed
Someone forever
Someone will never change

Oh something inside
Only by your side
Bit it's a just illusion

Hey man you should know
You are your own enemy
Be careful

Everyone should know it
Save themselves
We werewolves

When night falls
We are on the hunt
And everyone wants
That it was a lie

I saw you near my house
And i swear, i saw a monster
And i wanted to get away
But my blood lust has become stronger
Track Name: Good Old Days
Lie with me on the grass and look upward
imagine that we are flying in the boat

We dive into the river near the house
dissolve and feel that all is very nice

I still live in these good times
everything revolves around us

I still waiting for you guys
everything about my life
now your tonight

We restore our energy and go again
It's remake of my last summer happy days

I hope my journey will be last forever
My soul ready for another train

I still waiting for you guys
everything about my life
is your tonight
Track Name: I'm Sorry That We Don't Spend Time Together
Don't go away, i fall on my knees
I pray god to give another
Little chance

Don't go away, stay a little longer
Now I will cherish every second
That I am with you

I just don't care, I just don't care about you

No matter what time it is now
I will always be with you
Track Name: Morning Thoughts
The fire and water is by my side
But I'm still nothing without love
We're all can be gods but today
We are just nothing, we stay the same
Track Name: Song For My Brother
Please sleep my little brother
I hope nobody will disturb you

Please sleep my little brother
I hope you will not hear background noise

When you wake up
Everything will be alright for you

We hide our tears, we try to smile
Please, be happier than me

Come with your mother to me