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released September 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Cats Never Die Tolyatti, Russia

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Track Name: In The Sky We Have No Mercy
Every day you wait for me
Every night
I'm in flight
I fight
They Lied

No matter what you have done
In The sky we have no mercy
I believed in you and i followed you
But you lied to me

You told me that everything will be fine
But when i went up to the sky
They pierced my heart again
I'm falling again

When sea wash away my tears i will be fine
I finally will forget everything
About me
Track Name: Forest
It's time to go out
Your friends are wainting for you
In this dark forest

Let's go, follow me
We have grown and now we can go alone
In this dark forest

Don't be scared
Because everything will be alright
In the end
When everyone has died
And no one will dig our graves
And pray for us

We walked every day
Now it's not a game and all that remains
Survive in forest

I Always was afraid
Now i'm alone because my old friends
Had died in forest

Don't be scared
Because everything will be alright
In the end
When everyone has died
And no one will dig our graves
And pray for us
Track Name: Blood Donor
I dont want to live without you
In this world that turns 'round you
Kill me now before you die first
Take my blood
It's all what you need to be alive
To be "with me"

Doctors didn't saved my body and my blood
Running throught your veins
Don't be afraid, i'm inside of you
i live into you body

Into your body
Into your soul

Don't give up now, don't give up now
You're so close
It's time to do everything undone
Track Name: Explode My Planets
Explode my planets, killer
Your world is almost done but
I don't think i want
Believe in you
Track Name: Long Road
Long road to nowhere
My journey without you and your mystery
I know you want it too
And now we have no time to dialogue

Memories about you
In my heart
Do you believe me?
I fell in love
Track Name: Seventeen
Promise me that you will be with me until a Life
Tell us "Goodbye, it's all for you!"
In my boring life only you gives me a fire
Without you i would have frozen to die

I was so close
In my seventeen i was only thinking of you
And when
I went to sleep i tried to keep your face
In my head tonight

I'm taking your hand
I try to keep your face in my mind
Track Name: Fallen Star
I found my fallen star
I've raised you from the star to big planet
In day when i let you go
In space you should say "Hello"

Hello! Hello? Is Anyone here?
Hello? I'm alone...
Hello? Is anyone here?
Hello? I'm alone
I'm alone
Track Name: Tears
And i stay near you
Like a dark figure
And i stay near you and
You're crying under the cover of pillow