Postcards With Beating Of Your Heart

by Cats Never Die

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released February 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Cats Never Die Tolyatti, Russia

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Track Name: Postcards With Beating Of Your Heart
please send me postcards with beating of your heart
Track Name: Stars
i surrounded by the sea
please stop drowning me
and no one around
this must be my dream
but it is not

i surrounded by the stars
they watch from above
i close my eyes
they must be my friends
but they are not

watch me from the stars, from above
cause my only friend is you
but you died
Track Name: Take Me To Your Town
i'm trying to sleep
but i can't because my thoughts
is only about your district
i can't wait so i'm gonna go

please take me to your town

I imagine that soon
I will breathe the air of this town
don't break my breath
Just give me a little more time

please take me to your town
Track Name: Forgotten Souls
Forgotten city
I can not run away from you
i can't overcome these high walls
and again i fall on broken glass

Forgotten souls
at the two ends of the planet
dream to see again each other
just hug you and don't let go
Track Name: Going Home
it's getting late now
please take me home

i don't mind
to walk with you, let's go

and you tremble
There is something wrong

hold me tight
i'll be with you for a long

we're going home
escaping from your nightmares
Track Name: Our House
i hope you're mine

i hope we'll build a house that no one finds, my love
Track Name: Anchors
people ask me
what i was doing today
but i don't tell them something about it
because my life
is very boring yeah

people tell me
"you should see the world around you"
i not afraid, i like this idea
but i don't want
i'm in trouble

yeah, i should to see the world around
but there are also other thing to do
many people dream about good life
but not many people can get rid of their anchors
Track Name: Away
I swim away from my problems and my painful dreams
Track Name: In This World Without You
snow is falling down
you look in my eyes
but you don't know that i love you
and i watch
and your train departs

please someone help to kill my own afraid of dying
help someone to kill myself 'cause i'm afraid of dying
in this world without you
i love you

please come back to me